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Born and raised in Vienna, Austria, I enjoyed an eclectic life full of art steeped in a deep-rooted culture. My father gave me my first camera when I was a teenager and we often enjoyed photography together. As a young man, I began my lifelong work as a commercial Fashion Photographer. Some 30 years later curiosity led me to want to see more of the world and explore America. Settling in Los Angeles, California where Photography continues to be my passion.


I love to photograph, many genres, as viewed, on my website and yet my focus often brings me back to my fashion photography roots. I love photographing people.


Although, I live and photograph, in Los Angeles, I continue to enjoy Viennese culture, of socializing and getting together for coffee and cake.  And, when interested in hiring me for your photography project, let's get together and discuss, in person. 


Thank you for your consideration.

Dietmar Kohl

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